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April 2019 Update

Update for May 2019.. 

Hey everyone there is a few new things happening with Sick Flick Productions. 

First off in movie news in 2 weeks from today we will be  announcing a new project. But for now there is a teaser  you can find here...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYWiFqEZXN0

Also there is a new series that producing partner Samantha Marie and her fiancee Derek Huey has made called, "El and Em's Kid Corner" with Sam's 2 daughters. You can check that out here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYiblS9o_QQ    we will also have a  page up on this website showcasing  the show. 

The promo for Supernatural Assassins is almost done. It's in the hands of our Post Production Supervisor who is just putting the final touches on it. We're hoping it will be up online May 31st 2019. We'll see. 

For Podcast and Vidcast news... 

Indie Film Cafe's newest episode will be up on Wednesday May 22nd. 

Hollywood BLVD Podcast will be back on Memorial Day at 6 PM EST and we'll have a  pretty cool  announcement about it fairly soon. 

Also Fright's of the Roundtable will be back on Saturday June 8th at Midnight EST/ Friday June 7th at 9 PM PST 

A new series called, "Indie Film Cafe Spotlight" will be airing in mid June. 

And Indie Corner TV just had an announcement about coming back next year as a completely different show focusing on Indie Films and fimmaking. 

I am sure there is more we're doing. We are constantly working to get content out there for you. If you'd like to help out please email us at sickflickproductions@gmail.com 

Hope everyone has an amazing rest of your May.