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April 2019 Update

Wow we haven't updated in a while! Sorry everyone! But there has been a lot happening so keep with us! Here's a few things we can actually talk about...

We finished shooting Lukas + Olivia (The Supernatural Assassins promo teaser) in February. It's in post production and the finished short should be available Friday May 3rd 2019. 

Devilla's first episode should be up on You Tube In the next week or 2. There's just a couple things that need to be finished. 

Follow Me Should also be finished very shortly and that will be available for a film festival run! 

Another cool thing is Samantha Marie and Jonathan Moody started a new podcast called Horror Blood And Coffee. It airs every other Sunday at 4 PM EST. 

More stuff is happening but a lot we can't talk about yet. But when things begin to happen we'll let you know. 

Hope everyone's having a fantastic 2019 already!