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August 2nd 2019 Update


Sadly we did not go to the second round for The Screencraft Film Fund but however we are still excited to make, "My Ex Girlfriend The Serial Killer" sometime in early-mid 2020. More on that in the next coming months.  

Jonathan is back in the director's chair for one final short film in Virginia before he moves to Los Angeles, CA in January. He will be directing a short film called, "Phasmophobic" co written by the awesome James L. Edwards. Jonathan and James co wrote a short film called, "Mama's Boy" that is coming out next year as well. 


Well as you all saw up top Jonathan is moving to L.A. next year so a lot of these shows and videos are put on hold except for Indie Film Cafe (Podcast), Horror Blood And Coffee, Frights of the Roundtable, and The Writer's Process Podcast. The rest like Blu Ray Hunter, Indie Film Cafe TV, Film Freaks TV, and Criterion Watch will still be coming out every now and then but won't have an exact date til things get finished up. Paul will be taking over a lot of them. Blu Ray Hunter will be put on hold til things get settled in L.A.  

And as for Indie Film Cafe this will be the last season with both Jonathan and Paul together. Paul will be taking over IFC and Jonathan will be starting a brand new Indie Film podcast with a new co host that we will be announcing fairly soon. So stay tuned on that.