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Our next Production: My Girlfriend The Serial Killer





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August 26th 2019 Update


My Girlfriend The Serial Killer... is going to be our first feature film.  We are shooting in Virginia June of 2020! We have a fantastic cast already lined up including Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Nick Gomez (The Walking Dead),  Kaylee Williams (Model Hunger), Tom Proctor (Guardians of the Galaxy), and Samantha Marie (Teacher Shortage) 

Samantha Marie and Jonathan A. Moody are co Writing, Co directing, and executive producing.

For more info on it and the Indiegogo fundraiser check out the official website Samantha created:




A few new podcasts/series are being worked on... 

Devilla's Midnight Movie Mortuary just had its first episode on October 1st. It was Night of the Living Dead. More episodes will be coming the first of the month for 10 months. 

Paul is working on a new series called, "Forgotten Horror Classics" which is a podcast segment of Indie Film Cafe. Episode 2 should be up soon. 

Jonathan is doing The Main Stream.  A show where he will be chatting about Main Stream Films and TV. 

Jonathan is also doing a new podcast segment called, "Fresh Flick Friday". Where he will be reviewing newer indie films for Indie Film Cafe. 


Indie Film Cafe Spotlight is a new You Tube segment on the Indie Film Cafe You Tube Page  where Jonathan and Paul interview filmmakers and actors. Some of which you may have seen or heard on Indie Film Cafe. Expect the first episode to air January 15th 2020. 

Also this was just announced tonight... Actress Dani Inks will be the LA IFC Co Host when Jonathan moves in January! Get ready for that! 

So much happening with Sick Flick Productions. Keep checking up on it!