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Episode Guide

Season One

Episode 1- The Films of Alfred Hitchcock 

Episode 2- The Films of John Carpenter 

Episode 3- The Films of Adam Sandler 

Episode 4- The Films of Kevin Smith 

Episode 5- The Films of Shane Black 

Episode 6- The Films of Jim Carrey 

Episode 7- The Supernatural Series 

Episode 8- From The Room To The Disaster Artist 

Episode 9- Star Wars: The Last Jedi 

Episode 10- The Marvel Cinematic Universe 

Episode 11- The Films of the DC Universe 

Episode 12- The Wonderful World of Disney 

Episode 13- Doctor Who? 

Episode 14- The Career of Tim Burton 

Episode 15- The Career of Mark Sheppard 

Episode 16- Are You Afraid Of The Dark? 

Episode 17- The Friday the 13th Series 

Episode 18- The Nightmare on Elm Street Series 

Episode 19- Boy Meets World 

Episode 20- The Films of Stanley Kubrick 

Episode 21- Masters of the Universe 

Episode 22- The Twilight Zone 

Episode 23- Star Trek The Next Generation: The Early Years 

Episode 24- The Gate Movies 

Episode 25- Step By Step 

Episode 26- The Creepshow Movies

Episode 27- Saved By The Bell 

Episode 28- The Films of Cannon Home Entertainment 

Episode 29- The Last Starfighter 

Episode 30- The Films of Quentin Tarantino 

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Episode Guide

Season Two

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