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Meet The Hosts

Lara Jean



Favorite films with Acting: Misery, There will be Blood, Singing in the rain, and My Fair Lady

Jonathan A Moody


Co Host

Favorite Films with Acting: A Few Good Men, Taxi Driver, Rebecca, and A Clockwork Orange


Episode Guide

Season One

Episode 1- Jackey Hall 

Episode 2- Ashla Soter 

Episode 3- Morgan Tyler 

Episode 4- Destinie Orndoff

Episode 5- The Texas Frightmare Weekend Episode 

Episode 6- Thomas Tulak/Walt Gray IV 

Episode 7- Ed Berkeley 

Episode 8- Colton Wheeler/Taymour Ghazi 

Episode 9- David Marlowe 

Episode 10- We have gone Premium 

Episode 11- Emilio Ase/Rachael Amanda Bryant/Gregory Blair 

Episode 12- Joshua WInch

Episode 13- Tristan RIsk/Rob "Stro" Kellum

Episode 14- Dave Beauride/Destiny Soria 

Episode 15-Brialynne Massie 

Episode 16- Stephanie Beaton/James L Edwards 

Episode 17- Scares that Care Weekend Episode 

Episode 18- Katelin Stack/Andrew Roth 

Episode 19- Jill Schoelen 

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